Inspiration List

See this list for ideas of things to do, build and learn about. Any of these can provide a base for further work given a bit of creativity. Come to the club to ask any questions.

Have a look around all the things we've got going on at the schools GitHub list.

Description Progression
Draw with code interactive artwork and games Live Example
Robot Wars countdown timer Started in Sketch, #4
Temperature sensor and alarm for DT Laser cutter cooling system
Pulsing LED with cycle linked to a potentiometer
Robot Wars score indicator for the buckets
Robot Wars team colours on the robots, RGB LEDs
Robot Wars frame lighting and party poppers
RaceClicks multiplayer realtime game example Version 1 almost ready
Website Starter to learn how to make your own for anything! Version 1
Simple peer-2-peer chat example program Starter Example
Vote your approve or disaproval to the teacher in your lesson Version 1
Binary Counter display for teaching computer logic Version 2
Minecraft Projects for the Pi Edition Many Examples
Quiz wall display to pull up questions and take answers physical user buttons Started
Template to pass realtime messages betwen an arduino to a web page Example
Hardware Club Introduction Projects 3 Projects
JSRobot that you program trhough levels and even make new levels Started

Coding House Rules

These rules are adapted from the BBC Micor:bit rules and are in general good rules for everywhere.

How to Git

Our code at birkdale is saved using software called git, git lets you look at the history of any line and read comments about why it changed. It's a perfect resource for learning from. On GitHub click on the history button when looking at any file to view what changes it has had. Clicking on those will show you the difference.